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A NOT for Profit Mission,,, We Believe in the PURPOSE.




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                   Dedicated to Peace and Awareness, We believe in the PURPOSE.

          Nominated for The World Flag at   http://www.wetheworld.org/wtw2/index.php4

             The Purpose of this Flag, is. ®  CLICK HERE

                   I have never seen anyone really look like these colors, however they are just symbols of the 4 colors that we have ALL come from.

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This is the HumanBeingFlag, it was created as a symbol, a reflection point for ALL of us to remember who we are,,,,,,, Human Beings.

There is so much Prejudice and Injustice in our world, in regards to Color, gender, wealth, health and where we were born, our backgrounds, our religion, or even our lack of religion,, people just stereo type one another, judging before knowing.

It came to me that we need a focus point, somewhere to start anew from, somewhere to remember that we are All Human Beings and that we all are entitled to Dignity, Respect and the knowing that we are all Equal.

Unfortunately not all have equal opportunities, and for this I am saddened.

Maybe the moment that we read the PURPOSE of the flag,, we will remember.
I am presenting the world with a Universal World Flag for Unity and Peace.

The PURPOSE behind this flag is to remind all beings,  that we are the same.        All Equal as Human beings.
Also to GO BEYOND, COLOR, PREJUDICE, INJUSTICE and INHUMANITY to all BEINGS. A starting point to remember our connection to one another. Another path

I am NOT a color.

I am NOT a race.

I am NOT a country.

I am NOT a nation.

I am NOT a number.

  I AM a Humanbeing. 

In the meantime you can reach us at [servant@humanbeingflag.com] . We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The flag was introduced at the IPRA conference at the University of Calgary July 2006

It was well received at the International Peace Research Association conference..


IPRA Conference 2006

IPRA Conference 2006

IPRA Conference 2006

IPRA Conference 2006

Here are a couple news paper stories on the flag.

There was a couple misunderstandings in the article:

1st: I did not say that I was very spiritual,, what I did say was ( the flag to me is very spiritual, and that I could only hope to grow more spiritual). 2nd: The writer said, ( his flag) when  I had said ( Our flag). Anyways,, Its All Good.

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Email: Servant@Humanbeingflag.com
If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.
 DIGNITY, RESPECT, EQUALITY and PEACE ,,,, is Not a dream.

Yes we do all seem different, in different ways, and thats okay. We are all unique.

To read article,,, right mouse and save picture.

Our first, and most important bond, is that we are HUMANBEINGS.

Yes we are born in different areas, with different opportunities, and some with different seeming limitations, (however, my personal view is, that I do not have limitations, unless I see them as so.)

Lets go BEYOND.

There is a light in everyone of US, and that light IS OUR CONNECTION

                    It starts with me.!!!!!!         Be the change you want to see.

A Beautiful Peace Flag At IPRA Exibit 2006.


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